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Leveraging a versatile fleet of vessels, M&P International Freights offers shippers and businesses with uniquely-shaped cargo comprehensive breakbulk solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Leveraging a versatile fleet of vessels, M&P International Freights offers shippers and businesses with uniquely-shaped cargo comprehensive breakbulk solutions tailored to their specific requirements.


Breakbulk shipping stands out as a preferred method for transporting items that cannot conform to standard dimensions or container specifications, whether due to their size, shape, or weight.


This shipping approach is particularly beneficial for businesses requiring the transport of heavy machinery or specialised equipment in one piece, offering a comprehensive solution for cargo that are oddly shaped or too large.


Breakbulk shipping encompasses several fees, primarily focused on the handling and transportation of oversized or irregular cargo.

Breakbulk Fee

This charge is levied for the unpacking, sorting, and stacking of cargo at the breakbulk depot. It is determined by the amount of time required to handle each piece of cargo, reflecting the labour and coordination needed to process these unique shipments efficiently.

Breakbulk Shipping Rates

The cost of shipping breakbulk cargo is calculated based on the volume or weight of the goods, using ‘freight tons’ as the standard measure. This approach ensures that costs are accurately aligned with the physical characteristics of the cargo, whether it is the volume, measured in cubic meters (CBM), or weight, quantified in metric tons (Mt). The greater value between the two measurements is usually used to determine the final shipping rate, ensuring fairness and transparency in pricing.
M&P International Freights is equipped to handle a diverse range of breakbulk cargo, catering to a variety of industries and specialised requirements. Here are some examples of the breakbulk cargo we routinely ship:

DG Cargo Classification

Cement drums
Boats Yachts
Cement drums
Pipes Tubes Casings
Steel coils/plates
Industrial engines
Steel coils - plates
Industrial Engine
Storage tanks
Heavy machinery
Storage tanks
Heavy machinery
Breakbulk shipping refers to the transport of cargo that is individually packaged or bundled, making it distinct from bulk shipping, where commodities like grain are transported in large quantities without individual packaging, poured directly into the vessel’s hold. Each cargo type necessitates a specific vessel design and a compatible terminal equipped to handle the unique loading and unloading requirements.
When managing breakbulk shipments, the strategic use of pallets is crucial. This approach involves securely fastening cartons or bundled items onto pallets to safeguard against damage and theft. This method proves especially effective in scenarios involving multiple stages of cargo handling, ensuring the goods remain secure throughout their journey to the final destination.
One of the primary benefits of breakbulk shipping is its ability to accommodate heavy or oversized items without the need for containerisation. Specialised equipment, such as cranes, is employed to directly load these bulky items onto the ship, simplifying the transport process for items that would otherwise be challenging to manage. This flexibility makes breakbulk shipping an invaluable option for transporting large-scale or irregularly shaped cargo.



At M&P International Freights, we understand the complexity and diversity of breakbulk shipping needs. Our service ensures that various components of your shipment, both large and small, are transported together on the same vessel.

This integrated approach eliminates the need to split your cargo across different shipments, providing a seamless experience. Our ability to handle entire projects in one go is not just a convenience; in many cases, it's a requirement, sometimes even specified within contracts to ensure cohesive logistics planning.


Breakbulk shipping remains uniquely advantageous, especially in regions with less developed port facilities. We offer breakbulk services within the Southeast Asian region, requiring only basic port infrastructure for successful delivery. This flexibility allows us to reach even the most remote or minimally developed ports, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination where other forms of transport might not be feasible.

From loading at warehouses to direct transfers from trains or trucks, our experienced team efficiently manages the entire process, leveraging both dockside cranes and ship’s gear for precise loading and unloading.


Understanding the intricacies of breakbulk cargo is at the heart of our operation. Unlike bulk or container shipping, breakbulk requires individual loading, attention to detail, and meticulous coordination.

Our specialised warehouses serve as pivotal hubs for receiving and processing breakbulk shipments, allowing for efficient breakdown into smaller consignments if needed. This capability enables us to offer tailored local delivery solutions, enhancing flexibility and customer service.

M&P International Freights excels in providing tailored breakbulk shipping services at highly competitive rates. Contact us today to discover how we can support your breakbulk shipping needs.

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