What items are commonly being been shipped from USA to Singapore?

Since time immemorial shipping has been a major mode of transport which has undergone numerous advancement; for instance, from the normal sailing to find food and resources in the past centuries to the present world where containerization is the major mode of maritime shipping. Shipping, also known as sea freight, can be defined as the act or process of transporting an item or persons from one place to another mainly through a ship. Singapore been the worlds second busiest port according to the world shipping council, it receives a wide variety of imports. The consistent growth of international trade has led to an increase in the variety of items traded globally which include:

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  • Minerals such as petroleum products
  • Machinery
  • Electronic equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Medical supplies
  • Agricultural produce
  • Precious metals

The commodities depend on the countries competitive advantage and needs on whether to manufacture and produce or to import what they necessitate.

Who usually requires these items to be shipped?


Most shipping is usually done by governments since it is the major stakeholder in its own state economy, hence provision of the requisite resources such as:

  • Machinery
  • Petroleum products
  • Medical equipment

Companies, Organizations and Individuals

These parties play an important part in the shipping industry where they mainly ship:

  • Chemicals
  • Gems and precious metals
  • Electronic equipment
  • Motor vehicles

These items are for either resale or as their raw materials and others for their own personal gratification. Hence both the public and private sector play a key role in shipping and growth of a countries economy.

What is the shipping procedure from USA to Singapore like?

In every country there are rules and regulations that guide the shipping procedures as well as the importation of items. Therefore, all goods transported via sea freight from USA to Singapore or from any other parts of the world are regulated under the Customs Act, the Goods and services Tax (GST) and the regulation of Imports and Export Act.

Before any sea freight transport services is done, it is mandatory for the importer to have secured a custom permit either for their own shipment or for the sake of use by some other person. Shipment should be on permitted items. Penalties on errors and offences due to failure of compliance with the Customs Act are imposed. A commercial invoice from an overseas company shows the importer as the consignee, therefore, accountable for the import of goods. Shipped goods are subject to GST and duty payment. The Customs permit accounts for the tax payment of the items. GST and duty is incurred by dutiable goods whereas non-dutiable goods incur GST only.

For more information on import procedures, check out Singapore Customs Website here.

Common prohibited items to be imported to Singapore

There are many commonly prohibited items in Singapore. Prohibition is mainly caused by the negative effects of this products to the economy and to its citizens well being. These items include but is not limited to:

  • Narcotic drugs
  • Perishable foods
  • Pornographic materials
  • Flammable and toxic content products
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Infectious substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Munitions of war and weapons
  • All substandard goods
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Recently and until further notice)

Benefits of engaging a freight forwarder to ship your items

Freight forwarders deal with imports and exports services world widely. They identify and choose the best routes and mode of transport for shippers. Hiring this multinationals to superintend delivery of shipment has a great financial impact to both the exporter and importer.

  • Also known as a sea freight agent, having a one stop solution to all shipping woes helps to reduce stress and provide steadfast shipping services at evenhanded rates.
  • Having a vast network across the globe gives a guarantee of the expected time for the shipment to arrive.
  • Freight forwarders have the ability to arrange for cargo insurance for your goods so that there is certainty that they will reach your destination in the same condition they were dispatched.
  • They also help the importer in choosing the best mode of transport with respect to reliability, cost and urgency of the goods been shipped.
  • Professional freight forwarders also do all the documentation work required to ship cargo to various destinations.

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