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Terms of Service

This website is operated by M&P International Freights. You are advised to read these terms of service thoroughly before using our website.


Conditions of Use

The services provided by M&P International Freights is subject to the conditions stated below. By visiting this website and utilising our services, you are agreeing to accept the following terms.


Privacy Policy

You are advised to read our privacy policy before you continue browsing our website and using our services. It covers our practice of collecting customer and browsing data such as identification information and cookies.




All material and content published on this website are the property of M&P International Freights and its content creators. This includes (but is not limited) to any images, texts, logos and graphics used on the website. These materials should not be duplicated and/or reproduced onto any other site without our permission.


When you visit our website, you are communicating with us. Additionally, by emailing us or filling in the Request Quotation and/or Contact Us forms, you are agreeing to receive communications from us. You agree that all electronic communications including notices, disclosures, agreements and other communications meet the legal requirements of electronic written communication.


Applicable Law And Disputes

In visiting and browsing our website, you hereby agree that these terms of service will be governed by Singapore laws. The principles of conflict laws will not be applicable to any terms on this page. Singapore laws will also govern any form of disputes that are related to your visit to our website or the use of our services. This includes any conflict that might come between you and our company, M&P International Freights, our business partners and/or associates. Furthermore, the Singapore state or federal court will arbitrate all conflicts and you hereby agree that these courts shall have exclusive venue and jurisdiction.


Comments and Reviews

All content posted in the comments and reviews section must not be obscene or illegal. Additionally, it should not threaten, defame or injure third parties in any way. The content uploaded must not infringe on the intellectual property rights or invade the privacy of third parties as well. Any subject matter that contains software viruses, solicits the sale of goods and services or promotes a political agenda will be removed. M&P International Freights reserves the rights to delete and/or amend any content that infringes on any of the above. By uploading any form of text or media in the comments or reviews section, you are agreeing to grant us the right to use, distribute, duplicate and/or modify these content. This right is irrevocable and not exclusive. No royalty fee payments will be imposed and this term applies to all forms of media throughout all countries.