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Trucking Services by M&P

Trucking is a term used in the transportation industry for carrying goods from one point to another via a truck. As the variety of products that can be transported (Eg. Perishable goods, dangerous goods and flammable goods) are wide in nature, there will be a variety of vehicles needed to suit the needs of the customers. Trucking is usually not the sole mode of transport used for the transportation of goods as it is often used in tandem with other modes such as air freight or sea freight.


There are 2 major categories of trucking services. For-hire trucking services are usually offered by businesses which offer truck transportation services for a cost. Private trucking services, on the other hand, are offered by an individual owns or leases a truck or a fleet of trucks to meet your transportation needs.




Trucking services are often able to bring your ordered goods right up to your doorstop which makes it convenient for business owners as they do not need incur additional costs transporting their goods from a commercial warehousing.


Furthermore, these services are a convenient option for countries that share a border. For example, it is common to opt for door to door delivery from Singapore to Malaysia.


As trucking services are not bound by flight and sea schedules, they are often able to transport goods at a time stipulated by the client on a short notice. For the same reason, any delays caused by bad weather can easily be rescheduled to the nearest available timing to minimize the disruption for clients. In addition, trucks are also more maneuverable then other modes via rail, sea or air because they can travel anywhere as long as the road permits.


Due to the wider range of trucks available compared to rail, sea or air vessels, trucking is able to minimise the wastage in space leftover after filling up the vehicle by selecting the most optimal size of truck for your needs. This reduces the time spent to consolidate and de-consolidate goods to make full use of the storage capacity for transportation as small businesses can just use 1 vehicle to transport all of their goods.


Find out more about consolidated freight here.


Usually for shorter distances, it is more economical to use dedicated trucking services due to the cheaper nature of the fuel as well as fees for the vehicle.



Trucking services cannot accommodate bulk orders of certain goods due to the vehicles lack in capacity and it is often more affordable to ship via air/sea freight as compared to hiring an entire fleet of trucks to serve the same purpose.


For longer distances, trucking may incur higher fees as the distance covered via land may be further and less direct as compared with a ship cutting across the ocean or a cargo plane flying directly to the intended location.

Imagine you are a retail shop owner in Singapore who has been selling the latest pair of leather shoes from brand X. After noticing that sales are going well, you decided to stock up on the shoes by ordering 500 pairs from a factory in Johor. You have contracted a freight forwarder to help you transport the shoes to your store in Singapore. Now we will delve into what happens behind-the-scenes.

The freight forwarder has contracted a trucking company to send a truck to the factory in Johor to pack and pick up the shoes. The truck driver would have been provided with clearance documentation.
With the load in hand, the truck will then be driven towards Singapore.
Before crossing the border to Singapore, custom officials will check the necessary clearance documents, which have been provided to the truck driver beforehand, to ensure that the goods being transported do not deviate in any way from that written in the documents.

After the custom clearance and entering Singapore, the truck will then be driven to your retail store where the goods will be unloaded and stored into your shop, ready for the next wave of customers.

There are some undeniable benefits to using trucking services as compared to other modes of transportation. However, there are still certain drawbacks that limit the usage of trucking as an omnipotent transportation means. As such, customers that often enlist trucking services usually require goods which are small in quantity, produced or sourced from a nearby location and/or require constant and frequent shipments.


Examples include but are not limited to:


  • Fresh produce of any kind
  • Small family owned shops

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