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What Are Used Shipping Containers?

Used shipping containers are second-hand shipping containers. They’re generally more affordable than a new container and can function just as well.


We provide a range of used shipping containers at competitive prices for your consideration! All our second-hand shipping containers are refurbished and carefully vetted for usage.



In cases where companies are looking to use a shipping container for just a few months, it may be more cost-effective to rent one instead.


Companies should only consider purchasing a used container when they wish to utilise it frequently for a significant amount of time.


It’s important to consider the quantity and size of your cargo to identify the best container size. By choosing the right size, you ensure that your goods are securely stored and that you don’t waste money on unnecessary space. 


Our containers come in 2 different sizes — 20ft and 40ft.


Sometimes, the commercial warehouse that companies store their products in may have certain restrictions such as the type of container structure or the number of containers it can hold.


Therefore, companies should take the dimensions of their storage facilities into account when purchasing a shipping container.


Shipping containers come in many different materials.. Companies should consider an option based on the nature of the products to be shipped and the storage space environment. 


For example, a corten steel container can withstand weather conditions without rusting. Hence, it’s suitable for when containers need to be in inclement weather or close to the sea.


Since used containers are second-hand products, companies should consider hiring a professional inspector to check the condition of the container before purchase. 


Periodic quality checks may also be necessary before shipment. Alternatively, companies can also conduct the inspection themselves to ensure that it’s free of rust, dents, or holes, and that its mechanisms are still working well.


Since used shipping containers are second-hand, it’s relatively cheaper and hence more affordable than purchasing brand new containers.


Since it’s more cost-effective, companies will be more likely to be able to afford any alterations that they wish to make to the container. This ensures that the container is customised to suit their needs.


Other than shipment purposes, used shipping containers are commonly constructed into houses!


With second-hand containers, it’s affordable, easy to construct and there are endless design possibilities. They may also be used as communication rooms or control units.

The cost of a used container will depend on its condition, size and features.

A used container can typically last up between 10 – 12 years at sea. It’s important to note that a shipping container’s lifespan can be reduced by constant exposure to moisture.  


If it’s maintained well, the container can last up to 25 years. You can upkeep it by conducting routine inspections, removing rust and refurbishing it through priming and painting.

Most shipping containers are designed to be watertight, which means that they don’t allow any water to enter and damage the stored goods. 


On the other hand, waterproof containers are simply covered in a water-resistant coating. There’s still a chance that water can leak into a waterproof container and affect its contents.


Therefore, a shipping container should ideally be both waterproof and watertight. If you wish to find out more details about our used containers, get in touch with us now!

It’s recommended that you store a used shipping container off the ground as this will prevent it from coming into contact with damp ground caused by wet weather. 


By doing so, it reduces any risk of the container absorbing moisture and becoming damaged.

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