What does Warehousing Storage refers to?

Warehousing storage refers to the depository of goods in commercial buildings that act as planned spaces for manufacturers’ products to be stored.

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Why is there a need for Warehousing Storage?

  • Continuity in Production

    It is important to keep an adequate amount of raw materials to ensure a continuity in production of goods in factories. Hence, warehousing would help to store the relevant materials needed.

  • Price Stabilisation

    In the case where supply becomes scarce, the prices of goods in the market will start to rise. On the other hand, when there is excess supply, it would see to a fall in the prices of goods. These scenarios are undesirable, therefore in order to stabilise the prices of products, there is a need to deposit stocks in warehouses to maintain the supply of goods in the market.

  • Ready Supply

    Some goods can only be produced at certain places but are consumed throughout the country and in other countries. Warehousing solutions would allow these goods to be stored at a building near to the place of consumption, increasing the convenience of getting access to such products.

  • Seasonal Demand

    The production of goods that have seasonal demand takes place throughout the year and hence warehouses are needed to store these products in order to have sufficient supply during the respective seasons. An example of such a product would be winter wear.

  • Seasonal Production

    Goods that are needed throughout the year but can only be produced during certain seasons also have a need for warehouse storage. This is to ensure that there is a sufficient supply all the time, no matter the season.

What makes a Warehouse ideal for Storage?


The location of an ideal warehouse should be at a convenient venue where products can be easily loaded and unloaded. Such places would include anywhere nearby airports or seaports. To add on, necessary machinery should be available to do the loading and unloading as this would greatly help with convenience and would also reduce costs.

Safe and Secure

Safety is crucial as goods have to be kept without any losses or damages. Some of the measures that warehouses can take would be a tight security system to prevent theft, as well as advanced fire-fighting apparatus to avoid damage of goods in the case of a fire.


A warehouse should be able to hold large quantities of goods in an organised manner, and should ideally also have adequate parking space to ease the loading and unloading of goods.


Warehouses have to be able to store products of different natures such as perishable goods which require refrigeration. Other features should include the ability to protect goods from conditions such as moisture or heat.

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