What is Warehousing Distribution Services?

Warehousing refers to the storage of goods by manufacturers or businessmen in commercial buildings, whereas distribution services would ensure that the goods are made available to the manufacturers themselves or the general public when necessary. Warehousing and distribution services are often provided in conjunction with one another.

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Main Types of Warehousing in the Industry

  • Private

    Producers who possess and operate private warehouses are the only ones who are allowed to store their goods in them. These warehouses are, therefore, catered to the nature of goods that these producers wish to store.

  • Public

    Public warehouses, on the other hand, are open to the storage of goods by the general public.

  • Government

    Government warehouses are owned and regulated by the government, and do not have restrictions with regards to the depositors.

  • Bonded

    A bonded warehouse is where imported goods with unpaid import taxes would be stored until the tax is paid. These warehouses are operated by both the government as well as private organisations.

  • Cooperative

    Co-operative warehouses are owned and regulated by co-operative societies and are able to provide cost-effective warehousing rates to the society members.

Function of a Warehouse


Other than being able to store goods, a warehouse also helps to preserve the quality of products by preventing them from being exposed to harmful external environmental conditions such as heat and moisture.

Risk Bearing

Having goods stored at a warehouse would mean that the warehouse-keepers would be responsible for maintaining the condition of the goods. Since they are accountable, warehouse-keepers would have the incentive to take precautions when handling the goods.


A warrant would be issued to depositors, and it would allow them to obtain bank loans while their goods are being stored in the warehouse. Hence, warehousing would allow a potentially better financial situation for the depositors to carry out their business operations.

Benefits of Warehousing Distribution Services


Hiring warehousing and distribution services would allow companies continuity in their business operations and they would hence be able to focus on core areas without fretting over storage issues.

Safety Is Priority

For international deliveries, especially in the context of Singapore, companies will ensure that the goods on board are insured to reduce financial risks.

Lower Capital

Because warehousing would pass on the storage and maintenance operations to the warehouse-keepers, it would reduce the capital required in the case where a company has to manage its own warehouse or transportation. Warehousing solutions hence makes it more convenient and affordable for companies who require ample space to store their goods.

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