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Trucking is another term for road transport, which is the transportation of goods or passengers on roads. Different vehicles are used depending on the nature of the transported goods, the distance traveled on roads and the degree of development of the roads. For light goods and short distances, a van or a pickup truck might be used. For large shipments, container trucking is more appropriate. Due to its massive size and inertia, truck drivers require a special set of skills to operate and manoeuvre such a vehicle. It is no wonder truck drivers require a special license. Transportation of hazardous materials such as petroleum or oil requires a further license and examination. Strict regulations and security requirements are also enforced on trucking as cargo crime is largely evident in today’s world. Most trucking services are able to bring your ordered goods right up to your doorstep, making it very convenient for business owners.


Refrigerated Trucking is the transportation of goods using a truck, however, in an enclosed and cool environment. This is mainly for the transport of perishables such as foods, flowers, pharmaceuticals and other goods which require a low surrounding temperature to be maintained. The container in which these goods are stored during the transport is usually at a temperature lower than the atmospheric temperature or below the freezing point necessary to keep the products frozen. This additional feature is mainly done to extend the shelf-life and expiration of the goods within. This ensures that the products remain cool and fresh throughout the whole delivery journey.

Trucking services are usually done when the destination and place of origin is connected by roads, there is an absence of airports or large water bodies to carry out air and sea freight. An example of this would be door to door delivery from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa.


In large countries like the USA or Australia where cities are interconnected via roads, trucking makes a great and affordable way of delivering your goods. Compared to air freight and sea freight, trucking would definitely be more cost-effective. However, do note that delivery times are generally longer and depends on road and traffic conditions.


Refrigerated trucking, in particular, is crucial for cold chain logistics where temperature-sensitive goods are transported from one location to another.

Most freight forwarder company also uses refrigerated trucking in tandem with sea or air freight: To deliver goods from origin, possibly warehouse, to airports or sea ports, and vice versa. From there, airplanes and ships will take over the consignment. This is usually done for delivery to countries further away. Goods remain refrigerated in their new vessel throughout their journey.




Unlike other freight forwarders, we also provide a full range of customsbrokerage services.


Established in 2006, we serve globally via our operation hubs in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.


M&P International Freights offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a seamless shipping experience. From customs clearance and cargo insurance to international courier services and door-to-door shipping, we handle every detail under one roof, simplifying your logistics management and streamlining your operations.


Being one of the largest international freight forwarding company, we are able to provide cost efficient pick-up from any cities around the world.

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