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Online shopping on Taobao from Singapore can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges, especially when an item doesn’t meet your expectations. Whether it’s due to size issues, colour differences, or receiving the wrong product, navigating the return process to Taobao can seem daunting for many Singaporean shoppers. The complexities of dealing with an international seller, coupled with language barriers and logistical concerns, can turn a straightforward return into a cumbersome task.

Returning items on Taobao doesn’t have to be a complex ordeal. Let’s delve into practical steps that will make this process efficient and straightforward, ensuring your Taobao shopping remains a positive, hassle-free experience.

Understanding Taobao’s Return Policy

If you find yourself with a defective product or are dissatisfied for any reason, Taobao allows you to initiate a refund request. This process involves submitting a reason for the refund along with photographic evidence to support your claim. 

Once your refund request has been submitted on Taobao, the seller has a 48-hour window to respond. The possible outcomes during this period include:

  • Seller rejects the request 

If the seller rejects your refund request, you can either re-submit the request or communicate directly with the seller using AliWangWang, Taobao’s built-in communication platform.

  • Seller is unresponsive

If the seller doesn’t respond within 48 hours, Taobao may intervene and issue a refund based on the specifics of the case to ensure a fair resolution for the buyer.

Criteria for Returns

However, before initiating a return, it’s essential to determine if your purchase is eligible:

  • Local Return Option (“本地退”): Look for this option on product pages, particularly for items from flagship Chinese brands. This label indicates the possibility of returning the item via a Singapore warehouse without incurring additional costs.
  • Direct Seller Communication: If there’s any uncertainty about the return policy, it’s advisable to contact the seller (联系卖家) directly for clarification.

Step-by-Step Guide to Return Items on Taobao

From items at the shipping warehouse to those already delivered, here are some of the common refund processes that you may encounter when shopping on Taobao.

Refunding and Returning Items at the Shipping Warehouse

In cases where your purchased item reaches the shipping warehouse but you decide to return it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Identify the item for return and refund

Open the Taobao app and go to the ‘我的淘宝’ (My Taobao) section, click on ‘已买到的宝贝’ (Products Bought) to identify the specific item you wish to return.

identify item for return and refund

Step 2: Obtain the Taobao order number and communicate with the seller

Once you’ve selected the item, note down the Taobao order number for reference. Initiate a chat with the seller using Taobao’s built-in communication feature, AliWangWang. Explain your intention to return the item and seek their agreement.

Tip: It’s crucial to get the seller’s address for the return during this conversation. Also, remember to be clear and concise in your communication.

Step 3: Sending the item back to the seller for a refund

After finalising the return details with the seller, exit the chat window. Select the ‘Send back to Seller’ (退款/退换货) option within the app. Accurately fill in the return address form with the seller’s details. Remember to use the address provided by the seller during your chat.

Refund Process for Items Rejected by the Shipping Warehouse

Sometimes, during the shipping process, a warehouse may reject an item due to various reasons. Common causes include the parcel containing items that are either prohibited by postal laws or flagged as illegitimate. 

In other cases, there might be a misunderstanding or an error in processing. This can usually be clarified by contacting the shipping customer service (物流客服). 

However, if the warehouse did indeed reject your item, follow these steps to initiate a refund:

Step 1: Identify item for refund

Open the Taobao app on your mobile device and go to the ‘我的淘宝’ (My Taobao) section, click on ‘已买到的宝贝’ (Products Bought) to identify the specific item you wish to return.

Step 2: Retrieve order number and communicate with the seller

Tap on the order to view its details and obtain the Taobao order number.

how to find the order number on taobao app

Use AliWangWang to discuss the rejection with the seller. Ensure you receive their consent for a refund and note any necessary details they provide.

Retrieve order number and communicate with the seller

Step 3: Select the refund option

Opt for a refund without a return as the courier is already handling the return. Select ‘集运仓库拒签’ (Item Rejected by Shipping Warehouse) as the reason for your refund.

Step 4: Upload supporting documents

Attach any documents or screenshots that show the warehouse’s rejection of your item.

Step 5: Submit the refund request

After verifying all the information and attached documents, submit your refund request.

submit refund request on Taobao

Returning an Item After Delivery to Your Address

Sometimes, the items we order online don’t quite meet our expectations. Whether it’s a matter of fit, style, or simply not liking the product upon arrival, Taobao provides a system for customers to return items even after they’ve been delivered. 

Here’s how you can begin a return and refund process.

Step 1: Access Your Taobao Account and Orders

Open the Taobao app and go to the ‘我的淘宝’ (My Taobao) section, click on ‘已买到的宝贝’ (Products Bought) to identify the specific item you wish to return.

Step 2: Initiate the Refund Process

Click on the item you want to return from your order list and click on ‘退款’ (Refund).

initiating refund request on taobao desktop

Before proceeding, indicate whether your refund request is because you didn’t receive the product, or if it’s for a return and refund.

selecting reason for refund_return

Step 3: Initiate the Refund Process

Begin the refund process by selecting this option for your chosen item. Fill in the form with accurate details, explaining your reason(s) for the return.

translation of refund process

Choosing the right reason for your refund is critical for a successful return process. Here are some common refund reasons provided on Taobao, along with their translations, to help you make an informed choice:

Refund reasons in MandarinTranslation in English
拍错/多拍/不想要Purchased wrongly/Purchased extra/Don’t want the item
大小尺寸与商品描述不符Size/dimensions not as described
材质与商品描述不符Material not as described
颜色/图案/款式不符Colour/pattern/style differs from description
做工粗糙/有瑕疵Poor workmanship/product is flawed
质量问题Quality issues
收到商品时有破损/污渍/变形Item received is damaged/stained/changed in shape
假冒品牌Counterfeit product
卖家发错货Seller sent the wrong item

Step 4: Upload Evidence and Submit Your Refund Request

 If applicable, upload photos or other evidence to support your refund claim. Review all details and submit your refund request.

Step 5: Arrange for courier pickup of return items

When returning the item, you can use Taobao’s designated courier, Cainiao, to schedule a pickup. Select a date and time that suits you for the courier to collect the item. Remember to state the collection number clearly on the parcel for tracking.

In the event that Cainiao rejects the item for return, you have the option to contact external freight forwarders. Specialising in shipping items from Singapore to China, companies like M&P International Freights offer alternative solutions for your return needs.

Monitor Your Refund Status

To stay updated on the progress of your refund, Taobao has streamlined the process, making it easy for you to keep track of your return’s status. Once you have initiated a refund, Taobao provides updates on the different stages of the refund process. 

You can monitor these stages through your account:

Seller’s refund stage (卖家退款)

This initial stage indicates the seller is processing your refund request.

Bank processing stage (银行受理)

Following the seller’s approval, the refund is processed by the bank. This is the intermediate step where the transaction is reversed.

Refund completed stage (退款成功)

This final stage confirms that the refund process is complete, and the funds have been successfully returned to you.

To check the status, log into your Taobao account and navigate to the ‘My Orders’ section. Each order will display its current refund status, allowing you to track the progress in real-time.

The duration of the refund process can vary, and is subject to the processing times and policies of your specific bank or financial institution. While Taobao aims to process refunds promptly, the time it takes for the funds to appear in your account will depend on these external factors.

Hassle-free Taobao Returns with M&P International Freights

Mastering the return process for Taobao purchases in Singapore is straightforward with our guide. From understanding policies to handling returns at different stages, we’ve covered the essential steps for a hassle-free experience.

As a reliable Taobao forwarder in Singapore, here at M&P International Freights, we’re dedicated to simplifying your online shopping journey. This includes assisting with the complexities of returns, ensuring you enjoy a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

Have more Taobao-related queries? Explore our range of articles that’ll teach you all you need to know about Taobao shipping to Singapore and how to shop on Taobao.

FAQs About How to Return Items on Taobao

Taobao’s refund policy allows for item exchanges or refunds, but the specific terms are dictated by the individual seller’s rules. This can include who bears the cost of delivery and the amount to be compensated in the case of returns. Some sellers may cover shipping costs or accept exchanges only if the buyer pays for delivery. 

Additionally, not all sellers may refund the full amount for returned items. It’s essential to understand and respect the rules set by each Taobao seller when processing a return or exchange.

The process of refunding from Taobao to a Singapore bank account typically takes about five working days. However, this duration can vary depending on the specific bank involved in the transaction. It’s important to note that this timeframe begins from the moment the refund is initiated.

When needing to ship returned items back to China, it’s recommended to consider using freight forwarders like M&P International Freights. They offer competitive rates and reliable service, ensuring that your return shipment is handled efficiently and reaches its destination safely. They can assist with the necessary logistics and paperwork, making the return process smoother and less stressful.

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