Freight Forwarder Service

What does Freight Forwarder Service Entails?

We live in a time in which the world is becoming increasingly globalized, countries become more inter-connected with one another through the various modes of transport: air, land and sea. This forms a complicated network.

Freight forwarders are experts in tapping this vast network to help companies or organizations move their goods from one place to another in the most seamless and cost efficient way. However, they do not move the freight itself, they operate as an intermediary between the various transportation services and a shipper (customer).

How is Freight Forwarder Service delivered?

Freight forwarding mainly involves the 3 modes of transport which are air, land and sea. The following processes apply generally to all 3 of them.

  • First Contact

    • The customer will contact the freight forwarder company to enquire about a quotation on the service they wish to receive. The details of the freight such as term of shipping, country of origin, description, size, weight etc. will be provided to the sea freight agent.
    • The freight agent will then contact the various carriers they work with and get the best deals which they will then relay back to the customer.
  • Packing

    • For packing of the goods, freight forwarder must be clear and specific about the demands of the customer and comply with the safety regulations of the carrier.
    • There are 4 considerations when it comes to packing of cargo in shipping crates: breakage, weight, moisture and pilferage.
    • The goods will be sent to the carrier within a certain norm-time before departure (TBD) once the packing is done.
  • Journey

    Once the goods are packed accordingly and loaded up the carriers, the crew on deck will take over from there. They will oversee that the in-house environments are optimal for the goods on board.

    Prior to reaching a destination, the crew will give a heads-up to the handlers at the destination to receive the cargo, ensuring a smooth transition for the goods.

  • Delivery

    Once received, the freighters will take over from there to ensure that the goods will be delivered to their respective destinations.

Why choose M&P International Freight?

M&P International Freight does more than moving cargo from destination to destination. We aim to fully understand your needs and tailor the best kind of services according to your needs. We want to ensure that your valued goods are able to reach their respective destinations in the most seamless and cost efficient way in the market. At M&P we are a one-stop solution for all your logistical needs and the only type of service we can give you is the best.

We have an extensive network of freighter services on all modes of transport. We will give you the best combinations and deals which are the most ideal for you. With an established agency network throughout the world, we can guarantee you that your goods will be across the globe in the fastest and safest way.