What is a 40 Foot Shipping Container?

Shipping containers refer to containers that are used by freight forwarder for the purpose of cargo shipment, storage and handling. They usually come in sizes of 20 foot, 40 foot and 45 foot. A 40 foot container can take up to 34,000 kilograms of load and can either be brand new or secondhand.

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What are the different types of Shipping Container?

  • Ventilated Container

    With the top and bottom gaps at the longitudinal rails of a ventilated container, it has the capability to provide natural ventilation for shipments and is therefore able to transport products such as green coffee beans which require ventilation.

  • Thermal Container

    A thermal container is one that has a regulated high temperature. It is also known as an insulated container and is fitted with a material that prevents damage from the exposure to high temperature.

  • Flat Rack Container

    Typically, a flat rack container is used for holding heavy and bulky cargo and machinery. Its collapsible sides help to ease the storage process as a flat rack can be formed just by folding the sides.

  • Tank Container

    The shipping industry commonly uses tank containers to ship liquid materials as they are made of good quality steel which is anti-corrosive, allowing them to be able to preserve products.

  • General Purpose Container

    Otherwise known as a dry storage container, a general purpose one is able to contain and ship any general cargo, making it very versatile. Moreover, the liner bags within these containers allow them to transport bulk cargo as well. An example of bulk cargo would be oil, which is a commodity that is shipped in large quantities and without any packaging.

Factors to consider when buying Shipping Containers

Size of Shipping Containers

It is important to research on the dimensions of each shipping container as they come in different sizes. This way, companies will then know which size is suitable for the nature and quantity of their products. A 40 foot shipping container is typically 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet and 6 inches high with a volume of 2,385 cubic feet.

Size of Storage Facilities

Other than the size of shipping container, companies need to know the characteristics of their warehousing storage. The internal dimensions of the storage facility as well as other possible restrictions will affect the size and the number of shipping containers that should be bought and can be stored.

Nature of Products

Before you purchase shipping container, companies should consider the nature of products that are to be shipped or stored. In instances where goods are perishable, a refrigerated container should be purchased as it can be kept at a specific required temperature.

Duration and Frequency of Container Usage

Buying a shipping container would be wiser as compared to renting one if companies are looking to use it regularly for a long period of time.

Physical Characteristics of Container

Brand new containers should be bought if the physical appearance of the container is of utmost importance. This is because there is a possibility that used ones may come with leaks or pin holes and an inspection should thus be done before any purchase.

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