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Explore our specialised bulk shipping services, offering streamlined transportation solutions across the Southeast Asia region.
Explore our specialised bulk shipping services, offering streamlined transportation solutions across the Southeast Asia region.


Bulk shipping refers to the transportation of large quantities of goods that are not packaged individually but are loaded directly into the vessel’s cargo hold. This method is particularly effective for dry commodities like grains, coal, and minerals, which can be transported in massive volumes.

Within the dynamic trade networks of Southeast Asia, bulk shipping serves as a crucial logistics solution, enabling efficient movement of raw materials and foundational goods essential to various industries.


M&P International Freights is adept at managing an extensive array of bulk cargo, serving numerous sectors with tailored solutions. Below are examples of the bulk cargo we frequently handle:

M&P International Freights is committed to offering bespoke solutions for both dry and liquid bulk shipping to cater to our clients’ varied requirements. Here is how the cost of bulk shipping is generally determined:

Dry Bulk Shipping

Costs are charged per ton of cargo and vary based on the cargo type, distance to be covered, and prevailing market conditions.

Liquid Bulk Shipping

The shipping cost for liquid cargo may be calculated per barrel or cubic metre, depending on the nature of the liquid and specific handling requirements.

Route Popularity

The selection of shipping routes affects the pricing structure. Routes that are more commonly used may offer competitive rates due to the dynamics of supply and demand.

The pricing for bulk shipping primarily revolves around four essential factors: shipment size and weight, the distance travelled, freight class, and dimensional weight, each playing a significant role in determining the overall cost:

Size and Weight

These are crucial for cost determination, with every item being shipped assigned a National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) number based on its weight and size.

Freight Class

This classification considers factors such as the cargo's density, value, damage susceptibility, and handling characteristics. Items that are fragile or valuable tend to have a higher freight classification, influencing the freight rates.

Dimensional Weight

Utilising a formula that accounts for the shipment's density to establish shipping costs, charges may be based on either dimensional weight or actual gross weight, whichever is higher.

Distance Travelled

Although distance influences costs, the rate calculation extends beyond a simple per-mile basis and involves a complex formula that considers various factors, including the type of shipment and the transportation mode used.

Bulk shipping involves transporting large quantities of unpackaged commodities, such as grains, directly into a ship’s hold, contrasting with breakbulk shipping, where cargo is transported in individual packages or bundles. This distinction requires each type of cargo to be matched with a vessel specifically designed for its transportation needs, along with a terminal capable of managing its unique loading and unloading demands.

Dry bulk shipping is the process of transporting substantial volumes of bulk commodities. This includes the major bulks, like iron ore, coal, and grain, as well as vessels that transport steel products (such as coils, plates, and rods), lumber or logs, and a variety of goods known as minor bulks.



At M&P, we harness the latest technology to guarantee transparency and provide real-time updates on your shipments. Our advanced systems in warehousing ensure you have complete oversight, keeping you updated at every phase.


We understand that no two shipments are the same, which is why we offer customised packaging and transport solutions. Your bulk cargo receives individual attention, ensuring it is handled in line with both your specific needs and strict regulatory compliance.


Our swift and reliable service is designed to accommodate your business’ bulk shipping needs, supported by a team ready to make quick, accurate decisions regardless of the scenario. Trust in our ability to deliver, particularly when the going gets tough, knowing your cargo is in safe hands.

M&P International Freights excels in providing tailored breakbulk shipping services at highly competitive rates. Contact us today to discover how we can support your breakbulk shipping needs.

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