Air freight forwarder do not move the cargo themselves; instead they ensure the logistics are in place for the goods to be moved around. They make sure that the various transport organizations are able to connect up into a smooth chain of operations and the goods are able to turn at the right place and time for the lowest cost.

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What Are The Processes Involved?

  • Step 1

    First, the goods will be transported to the airport within a certain norm-time before departure (TBD) of the contracted aircraft, also known as a slot or slot-time. At the same time, the following has to be done prior to loading:

    • The weight and balance of the carrier on the cargo side will be taken in accordance to the safety regulations.
    • Cargo manifests are to be made for all goods on board to facilitate the airline’s import and export declaration to customs.
    • Notifications to the captain (NOTOC) of the aircraft to inform the crew of potential risks of the cargo on board in the case of emergencies. Such goods could involve live animals or extremely valuable items, along with the right environment (eg. Temperatures) for certain goods.
  • Step 2

    Once the goods are loaded up, during flight, the crew will control the in-house temperatures according to the NOTOC provided.

  • Step 3

    Prior to landing or also known as the time before arrival (TBA), the crew will provide a freight forwarding message (FFM) or a pre-alert to give a heads-up to the handlers at the destination to receive the cargo. This is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

  • Step 4

    Lastly, the cargo will be handed back to the forwarders to be delivered to the various destinations.

Benefits Of Air Freight Forwarding

Speed Matters

Freight forwarding companies have a large network of partners which can help you to arrange the best deals for the fastest route, in the shortest amount of time across the globe as compared to sea freight forwarder  and land freighters.

Cost Efficient

Using only one point of contact, air freight broker wrap all the logistics together for you at the best deal and combine all the cost into one bill. This saves you time and money to work on your organization’s main activities.

Safety Is Priority

For international deliveries, especially in the context of Singapore, companies will ensure that the goods on board are insured to reduce financial risks.

Easy To Track

It has become easier to track your good’s progress on its journey via online tracking systems in all freighter companies.

Should I Use An Air Freight Forwarder?

Are your goods light and small?

It is a common misconception that sea freight services are cheaper than air freight services. This is due to rates that are being charged to your cargo. Sea freight agent will charge per container rates in standard containers. While weight can be a major factor for prices at sea, this tends to be more dependent on the size of the shipment. However, if your shipments are less than a container load, the prices are charged by cubic meter. Hence the smaller the shipments the margin between the prices gets smaller. At the same time, warehousing fees at ports are way more costly than that of airports. Thus it is best to choose air freight delivery if your goods are lighter and smaller.

Do you need your goods urgently?

It is without a doubt that air freighter is usually the fastest freight delivery services out of the 3 modes of transport. If you want to get your goods as fast as possible, air freight express is the next viable option.

Is your business time sensitive?

As air travel is a time sensitive mode of transport, airlines tend to be more punctual on top of their flight schedules. Moreover, there are usually a wide range of daily flights to and fro major cities around the world. Ocean freight forwarder, on the other hand, are often off-schedule by one or two days. In addition, their schedules are by the weeks. Hence, missing cut-offs at seaports will cause longer delays. For certain time critical businesses, going by air would be the ideal mode of transport.

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